CRIN @ COP28 Podcast

Meet the organizations representing clean technology in Canada at the CRIN Pavilion!

At its core, CRIN is an organization centred on creating connections. We are excited to further those connections with the launch of our new podcast, CRIN @ COP28. Hosted by Bill Whitelaw, Managing Director, Strategy and Sustainability at geoLOGIC systems ltd., we dive into the stories of the organizations joining us at COP28.

The CRIN @ COP28 Podcast can be found on all major platforms, including Spreaker.

Episode 1: Who is CRIN and What is COP?

In our first episode of the CRIN @ COP28 podcast we introduce you to the network of networks and what CRIN aims to accomplish by hosting a pavilion in the UN Blue Zone at COP28.

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Episode 2: Scott Volk, Tourmaline Oil Corp.

On this episode of CRIN @ COP28, we sit down with Scott Volk, Director of Emissions and Innovation at Tourmaline Oil Corp. to discuss what is driving emissions strategies at one of the top resource companies in Canada, and what message and learnings they will be taking to COP28 as part of the CRIN delegation. Why does Tourmaline have an important innovation story worth telling at COP28? Not only are they a leader in the energy industry, they have also gone through extensive work to become the first company in Canada to be certified by TrustWell.

Episode 3: Aminah Robinson Fayek, University of Alberta

On this episode of CRIN @ COP28, Dr. Aminah Robinson Fayek, VP of Research and Innovation at the University of Alberta, joins us to talk about the interdisciplinary innovation ecosystem that has emerged at the University and the great learning opportunities she is excited about while attending COP28 as part of the CRIN delegation.

Episode 4: Stephen Buffalo, Indian Resource Council

On this episode of CRIN @ COP28, we sit down with Stephen Buffalo, CEO of the Indian Resource Council (IRC), to discuss the forward-thinking new partnerships being developed with Indigenous communities related to resource development. Because of these incredibly important partnerships, we are accelerating a very inclusive energy transition by combining traditional knowledge, innovation, technology and collaboration from which we will all benefit.

Episode 5: Glen McCrimmon, CRIN & Lesley Coldham, International Gas Union

On this episode of CRIN @ COP28, hosted by Bill Whitelaw, we sit down with Glen McCrimmon, CRIN’s Director of Operations, and Lesley Coldham, Director of Public Affairs with the International Gas Union (IGU). This exciting conversation will delve into how these two powerful organizations have come together to develop a panel examining the Global Methane Pledge, to be presented when the world comes together for COP28. What does a net zero future beyond 2050 look like? Through the conversations that will take place at COP28, the answer might just be found in the art of the possible and one that IGU and CRIN could jointly deliver at CRIN’s official COP28 side event taking place on December 6, 2023.

Episode 6: Kevin Krausart, Avatar Innovations

On our latest episode of CRIN @ COP28, hosted by Bill Whitelaw, we sit down with Kevin Krausert, CEO and co-founder of Avatar Innovations, for a fascinating look at the work Avatar does to advance the effective deployment of technology to help the industry improve its emissions reductions. How will we actually make a difference in solving our emissions challenges? According to Kevin, the path forward is not in regulation but in innovation.

Episode 7: Beth (Hardy) Valiaho, International CCS Knowledge Centre

On this episode of CRIN @ COP28, hosted by Bill Whitelaw, we sit down with Beth (Hardy) Valiaho, Vice President of Policy, Regulatory and Stakeholder Relations at the International CCS Knowledge Centre (and a CRIN board member), to discuss why this particular Conference of the Parties is of peak importance in the energy transition timeline. This insightful conversation offers a taste of Canada’s story as a leader in CCS and why COP28 is an important opportunity to share our knowledge globally to help build the critical partnerships that will pave the way for CCS to take big bites out of the world’s emissions.

Episode 8: Kendra MacDonald, Canada's Ocean Supercluster

On this episode of CRIN @ COP28, hosted by Bill Whitelaw, we sit down with Kendra MacDonald, Chief Executive Officer of Canada’s Ocean Supercluster and a member of CRIN’s board, to talk about the role Canada’s ocean economy plays in the climate conversation. Kendra unpacks the huge opportunity available to us to both advance the economy and fight climate change by investing in technology and our oceans.