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As an amplifier and a connector, CRIN helps cleantech solutions from the oil and gas industry move through Technology Readiness Levels (TRLs) so they can be commercialized and broadly adopted faster. Ensuring these solutions are visible to the network is a key step in completing this process.

Innovation Central provides a platform where innovators can showcase their emerging technologies. By providing visibility, new partnerships and collaborations, funding and investment, and vital knowledge-sharing can take place.

Producers, investors/funders, solution developers, governments, researchers, accelerators and many others, can use this list to find the people and resources they need to bring innovations to commercialization and wide-spread adoption.

Together we will help Canada achieve its climate targets and our vision of Canada as the global leader in clean hydrocarbons from source to end use.

To review current project solutions, please see the table below. For your convenience, you can search the list by industry priority focus areas and TRLs.

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CRIN - PTAC Innovation Showcase

Harness the power of video to help tell your project story and expand your reach to oil and gas producers, investors, researchers, and many other industry experts. The PTAC – CRIN Innovation Showcase is an on-demand video library that puts the spotlight on up-and-coming clean technologies for the oil and gas industry. View the projects already on exhibit and submit your video for inclusion as an exhibitor.

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Technology Readiness

Focus Area(s)

OrganizationProject titleFocus Area(s)Technology Readiness LevelCRIN Competition Applicant *Link
Bio-Agtive Emissions TechnologyIncreasing photosynthesis to build soil carbon by sequestering diesel or biofuel emissions from farm machinery to offset industry activitiesInnovative products from hydrocarbons, Carbon capture and utilization, Low-carbon intensity alternatives and new fuelsCommercialization
Hetek Solutions Inc.Hetek Flow SamplerEnvironmental monitoring, Operational excellence and efficiency, Methane emissions monitoring, quantification and abatementCommercialization
CleanO2 Carbon Capture Technologies Inc.Buildings Level CCUSCarbon capture and utilizationCommercialization
Compound ConnectCompound ConnectEnvironmental monitoring, Health and safety, Water technology developmentTRL 5
24/7 Compression Ltd.Hyper Vent - Reciprocating Compressor Seal Vent Gas Capture and Recovery to Non-emitting UseOperational excellence and efficiency, Methane emissions monitoring, quantification and abatementTRL 6
Well Site Guard Ltd.Containment of Oil & Produced Fluids at the Stuffing BoxOperational excellence and efficiency, Methane emissions monitoring, quantification and abatement, Land and wellsite reclamationTRL 4
Seal Well Inc.Field Testing of Low Temperature Deployment of Bismuth Alloy for GHG Emissions Reduction and Well Casing AbandonmentEnvironmental monitoring, Methane emissions monitoring, quantification and abatement, Land and wellsite reclamationTRL 8
British Columbia Institute of Technology Unified Fueling Infrastructure for Green TransportationOperational excellence and efficiency, Hydrogen and geothermal, Low-carbon intensity alternatives and new fuelsTRL 9
Bison Plains GroupReclamation and Remediation: Alberta WellsLand and wellsite reclamationTRL 7
SCFCan Inc.Carbon Dioxide Extraction System for the Recovery of Oil from Drilling WasteMethane emissions monitoring, quantification and abatement, Land and wellsite reclamation, Novel hydrocarbon extractionTRL 6