Containment of Oil & Produced Fluids at the Stuffing Box

Solution developer

Well Site Guard Ltd.

Project description

Well Site Guard (WSG) has been providing a quality ALRP conventional well stuffing box containment system since 2011. However, increasing industry technology utilizing Thermal and SAGD production requires redesigning our existing product.

New elastomer design and chemical makeup for the mounting surface seals able to withstand 228 ℃ are required. The WSG product currently is able to direct mount to most API spec. flow tees, box end to NPT adapters and some 3000psi flanges. Redesign our existing product to be applicable to all ALR pumpjack wellhead configurations as well as a version to meet the spillage and leak issues with ESP drives.

We currently have design concepts in development to meet these new challenges. We have been receiving inquiries from major production companies in Canada and California during the last 6 months for solutions. Unfortunately, there is currently nothing available on the market to contain the leakage and spill of oil and production fluids in this environment.

Well Site Guard has the capability and experience to rectify this need in a very short time frame, with the assistance of innovative support. Secondary producer request is for us to incorporate Methane and H2S air monitoring into our units. This is another factor in our need to complete a redesign. This would enable monitoring without wind interference.

Support requested

The support we are looking for is:

  1.  We are looking for current producers in the thermal / SAGD field. The opportunity to work with their engineering and field resources would be extremely beneficial. A producer who is willing to assist us as we confirm our prototype designs and provide testing for new design and high temp mounting connections.
  2. For our current established product, we are looking for a producer who would be interested in documenting and quantifying both the risk management, environmental and cost saving aspects of our product. We had an “Technology and Feasibility” study and white paper completed in 2021 by, Victoria Pons, Ph. D., Pons Energy Analytics. The final step for us is a joint review with an established producer, with this we can publish the results in the SPE Journals.
  3. Economic assistance is needed, we are a SME with design skills and the ability to produce functional prototype products but lack the financial depth to bring it to commercialization.


Focus areas

  • Operational Excellence and Efficiency
  • Land and Wellsite Reclamation
  • Methane Emissions Monitoring


  • TRL 4 – Component and/or validation in laboratory environment. Basic technological, product and/or process components are integrated to establish that they will work together. Activities include integration of “ad hoc” hardware in the laboratory.