eSteam Downhole Steam Technology for Heavy Oil and Oil Sands Extraction

Solution developer

Future Energy LLC

Project description

Future Energy’s game-changing downhole steam technology is branded as eSteam™ that extracts heavy oil and oilsands significantly less expensively than a conventional OTSG with a much lower steam-to-oil ratio from existing wells. The eSteam™ technology is the perfect fit in a low-price economy producing more oil at a faster rate with at least 50% fewer emissions than an OTSG or ZERO emissions with its proprietary hydrogen boiler. There is no heat loss or reduced steam quality in the wellbore. Hot heat transfer fluid descends downhole that transfers heat to the feedwater to create high-quality 80% saturated steam or superheated steam in the wellbore then it’s released out the perforations into the heavy oil or oil sands reservoirs. There are no moving parts in the wellbore.

Support requested

The support required is for a Canadian oil operator to provide a well for a field trial and provide personnel to assist with the equipment setup and operations. The CapEx for the eSteam equipment is less than $850,000.


Focus areas

  • Novel Hydrocarbon Extraction
  • Capital Project Execution


  • TRL 7 – Technology, product and/or process prototype in an operational environment. Prototype near or at planned operational system level and requires demonstration of an actual prototype in an operational environment. Activities include prototype field testing.