Hyper Vent – Reciprocating Compressor Seal Vent Gas Capture and Recovery to Non-emitting Use

Solution developer

24/7 Compression Ltd.

Project description

Hyper Vent utilizes a gas to gas ejector and controls system to gather natural gas compression commonly vented gases such as packing, packing purge, distance piece vent, device and actuator exhausts. Atmospheric release is eliminated at normal operating conditions as vent gases are conserved and directed to engine fuel gas supply or other end uses with creating undesirable vent source backpressure.

Support requested

Seeking a participating producer partner for a demonstration project. Interested in exploring options to facilitate and accelerate final development and scalable commercialization.


Focus areas

  • Operational Excellence and Efficiency
  • Methane Emissions Monitoring, Quantification or Abatement


  • TRL 6 – Technology, product and/or process prototype demonstration in simulated environment.