Increasing photosynthesis to build soil carbon by sequestering diesel or biofuel emissions from farm machinery to offset industry activities

Solution developer

Bio-Agtive Emissions Technology

Project description

Bio-Agtive Emissions Farming is a Canadian innovation that recycles internal combustion emissions from diesel or biofuel into a biofertilizer for immediate use in the crop production environment stimulating plant physiology to drawdown CO2 through vigorous photosynthesis. Farmers benefit from the superior ROI, and the ease of simultaneous execution of the Method while carrying out regular farming practices such as seeding, spraying, or harvesting. The Method works with all land management practices on any scale of farm and its potential to sequester carbon outcompetes any stack of regenerative agricultural practices known today. Method is soil, crop and fuel agnostic and certified for organic use in Canada.

Support requested

Vision and policy to see and execute the need for synthetic N reductions in Canadian agriculture and identify a purchaser of offsets looking to be part of an revolutionary solution for climate change, food security, food nutrition and farm family succession as priorities for their ESR goals.


Focus areas

  • Carbon Capture & Utilization
  • Low-Carbon Intensity Alternatives and
  • New Fuels Innovative Products from Hydrocarbons


  • Commercial Technology, product and/or process development is complete and openly available in the marketplace.