About the Digital Oil & Gas Technology Competition

On January 26, 2022, CRIN announced the projects identified for funding from our Digital Oil & Gas Technology Competition. This competition is part of a broader initiative that will see up to $80 million directed to fund a series of breakthrough clean energy technology innovations. 

CRIN’s Digital Oil & Gas Technology Competition identifies high-impact digital technology solutions to address challenges in Canada’s oil and gas industry with the goal of improving environmental performance and competitiveness. There is up to $1 million of funding available per project.

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Competition focus areas

The oil and gas industry is looking for breakthrough digital solutions to address environmental and economic challenges in the production of hydrocarbons from source to end use, including but not limited to the following focus area examples:

  • Environmental Monitoring: Monitoring of environmental impacts on land, air, and/or water at any stage of project development – evaluation, assessment, construction and operations, and closures.
  • Operational Excellence and Efficiency: Excellence and efficiency in operations are applied through the entire organization to improve accuracy, quality and productivity and reduce costs in the delivery of services and products.
  • Capital Project Execution: At all project stages – greenfield, construction, turnaround, and brownfield; Digital solutions can be applied to enhance effectiveness and efficiencies in planning, contracting and procurement, project execution, construction, drilling, commissioning, maintenance, and project governance.
  • Health and Safety: The broad scope of health and safety in the oil and gas industry includes identifying, preventing, controlling, and eliminating exposure to risks, hazards and dangerous conditions, by ensuring all employees have the training and competency to work safely, whether onshore or offshore.

Funding distribution

* Amounts listed are maximum funds available from CRIN for each project.

Lead Applicant Project Title Funding from CRIN
AERIUM Analytics Automated Wildlife Detection Network and RoBird® Deterrence System $1,000,000
Avestec Intelligent Robotic Inspection: Contact-based Inspection Using Tethered Flying Robots $750,000
Kuva Systems ML Learning for False Positive Elimination in Continuous Methane Monitoring with Low-cost IR Cameras $760,605
Qube Technologies Emissions Reduction Through Continuous Monitoring and AI $212,895
SensorUp Inc. AI-driven & IoT-enabled Connected Worker Solution $500,000
VEERUM Inc. Digital Twinning Legacy Facilities: Unified Data for Environmental, Safety and Productivity Improvements $776,500
VL Energy Field Demonstration of Artificial Intelligence Powered Predictive Emissions Monitoring Systems (PEMSs) $1,000,000
Total $5,000,000

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